Continued, community driven, development of Keen Software House's Medieval Engineers.

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What is the community edition?

Medieval Engineers: Community Edition is a Keen-supported effort for the modding community to continue development of Medieval Engineers.

How do I install this?

The community edition is deployed on a Steam branch of the original game thanks to Keen's assistance. Right click the game in steam, go to properties, betas, and then select "community_edition".

Who runs this?

Gwindalmir and Equinox are the main developers, with assistance from Keen for publishing to Steam and hosting.

How do I report bugs or suggest improvements?

You can report bugs and suggest improvements using our bug tracker by signing in with your steam account. Please write informative titles and include steps to reproduce bugs or details on exactly what should be improved and how.

Why haven't you fixed my issue?

If it hasn't been reported there's a very good chance we aren't even aware of it. Once it's reported we have to find time to reproduce, debug, and fix it. A good bug report containing exact steps to reproduce the issue are extremely helpful here. Even once we have fixed the bug it still has to be built and deployed to steam, a process that doesn't follow any particular schedule.

When can I expect another update?

We don't have a release schedule due to the unpredictability of how much time we have to work on the community edition. However you can keep track of what we're working on using the bug tracker's roadmap.

How can I participate?

The best way to participate is by reporting issues you find while playing the game or suggesting improvements if you find something that doesn't work well. If you're looking to participate as an artist or programmer we don't have any formal process -- the best way is to become active in the modding community and then express an interest once you are familiar with Medieval Engineers' systems.

Will Medieval Engineers stay medieval?

We will not be adding any features that don't fit into Keen's medieval world. That said we aren't opposed to extending the modding API to support modders who craft more modern experiences.

How does this affect the various unofficial patches?

One of the goals of the community edition is to bring all the unofficial patches together in an easy to install location. Ideally nobody will need to use an unofficial patch and can instead use the community edition. If you find yourself still needing an unofficial patch, please also report the reason on the bug tracker so a future release of the community edition can address that reason.