Bugfix release for 0.7.3

0000042: [Bug] Exception occurred: System.OverflowException: TimeSpan overflowed because the duration is too long. (equinox)
0000157: [Bug] All toggled placed objects (Mainly all light sources) (equinox)
0000193: [Bug] [DS] Crash: System.AccessViolationException - UpdateMotionType (equinox)
0000288: [Bug] Catchblock and Rope Eye Plate recreation for NaN mass bug. (equinox)
0000154: [Bug] Crash when changing input contexts during input handling (equinox)
0000090: [Enhancement] Make search bar active automatically when interacting with inventories (equinox)
0000241: [Enhancement] Show remaining time in crafting tooltip (equinox)
0000083: [Bug] Remote client doesn't receive and display chat messages prompted ingame (equinox)
0000102: [Bug] [DS?] Crafting queues unload when a world chunk gets unloaded (equinox)
0000220: [Bug] Inventory weight not recognized on sub grids (equinox)
0000163: [Bug] "Community Edition" text appears inside "Medieval Engineers" in Main Menu (equinox)
0000285: [Bug] Temporary fix to prevent vanishing grids (equinox)
0000173: [Feature Request] Server option to prevent players from creating blueprints (gwindalmir)
0000298: [Bug] Mechanical switch causes crash when switched on on DS (equinox)
0000305: [Bug] Signs no longer react to spaces nor other non-letter characters (gwindalmir)
0000122: [Bug] "Dead grids" on large blocks are still happening (DS - modded) (equinox)
0000175: [Bug] Player character no longer able to traverse 1x2 slopes (small block only) (equinox)
0000082: [Bug] Bringing dynamic objects closer / further away is borked (equinox)
0000199: [Bug] Jittery crosshair dot after tabbing out or enabling free-look (equinox)
0000300: [Bug] Crash when modifying pasted grid with broken small to large component (equinox)
0000088: [Bug] DS crash: System.NullReferenceException (MyConstraintAttachmentComponent) (equinox)
0000283: [Bug] Crash when view components without physics block until loaded (equinox)
0000282: [Feature Request] Add configurable feature for collecting minidumps (equinox)
0000186: [Bug] [DS] Crash: VRage.MyUpdateSchedulerException: Failed to execute Void RunSingleFrame() on Medieval.MyMedievalGame (equinox)
0000242: [Bug] Loss of precision in Time Definition (equinox)
0000249: [Bug] Inventory weight is concentrated at the block's center (equinox)
0000210: [Bug] Mod List Doesn't Show Mod Names (gwindalmir)
0000219: [Bug] Fracture block physics shapes are leaked (equinox)
0000194: [Bug] Phantom component physics callbacks aren't thread safe (equinox)
0000153: [Bug] Blocks with a infinite persistence view component can cause crashes (equinox)
0000151: [Bug] Advanced audio setting causes audio distortions (gwindalmir)
0000148: [Bug] Trash removal always runs for exactly 0.1ms (equinox)
0000326: [Enhancement] Open map layers up for modding (gwindalmir)
0000212: [Bug] [DS] Crash: System.InvalidOperationException exception causes auto-save to fail and stop working (gwindalmir)
0000330: [Bug] Definition Merge=Append causes infinite list duplication and then game hang if the modded list is empty (gwindalmir)
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0000346: [Bug] Severe imbalance of ore dust bags masses.
0000348: [Bug] Ore pentupling in bronze smelting recipe
0000352: [Enhancement] Consider removing local coordinate systems
0000351: [Enhancement] Small grid block construction doesn't respect component list
0000177: [Feature Request] Searchable MasterMenu materials etc (Shift-F10)
0000198: [Bug] Dedicated Server Memory Leak
0000232: [Bug] Pinned tool goes missing upon joining server if it's on multiple bars
0000335: [Enhancement] Show mod name in G menu
0000337: [Bug] Menu music plays twice when returning from world to main menu
0000331: [Bug] Highlight (and so harvest) bushes for sticks inconsistent
0000213: [Bug] Rope drums and Lockable rope drums cause occasional sharp pulls instead of smooth movement
0000329: [Bug] Unable to remove safe area
0000318: [Bug] Barbarian identities being generated but never removed
0000324: [Enhancement] Changing signs to accept multi-line input
0000328: [Bug] Remote client doesn't display command responses
0000264: [Bug] Windmill keeps spinning when detached
0000316: [Feature Request] [Modding] Add research quest option for playable characters (equinox)
0000317: [Enhancement] Warn when exceeding MTU/MTR limits on RPC events
0000315: [Bug] Allow limiting wardrobes and respawn to specific character lists
0000310: [Enhancement] Improve mass properties calculation for havok shapes
0000309: [Enhancement] Cache mass properties of physical models
0000231: [Bug] Game sometimes resets player height on load
0000253: [Bug] Barbarians Attack Through Closed Gate
0000266: [Bug] Grids occasionally vanish when loading chunks
0000234: [Bug] Barbarians and deer drop from the sky when spawning (+ no fall damage?)
0000182: [Bug] Player walks in place when standing on plank surface
0000229: [Bug] Unfinished wall with door considers doors to BE THERE
0000206: [Enhancement] Projectile Removal
0000196: [Bug] Log Wall with Shutters bug
0000243: [Bug] Attachment physics cause bugged grid movement when dynamic
0000257: [Bug] Cannot place diagonal palisades
0000233: [Bug] Barbarians (and deer) immune against projectiles/falling objects
0000273: [Enhancement] Make dead bodies pull-able/pick-up-able
0000296: [Bug] Mill Stone or Furnace Placement Issue on Wooden Floors
0000299: [Bug] SmallToGrid component groups aren't synchronized
0000272: [Bug] using a touchpad breaks any action that uses a scroll wheel key bind
0000274: [Security] Secure servers with passwords
0000235: [Bug] Collectibles (especially plants) keep highlighted
0000281: [Enhancement] Text not between tags
0000041: [Bug] Research Quest "Transportation" Does Not Continue in Survival
0000031: [Bug] Vanilla catch blocks are too weak.
0000254: [Enhancement] Improve grass model generation performance
0000218: [Enhancement] Use memcpy/memset for MyVoxelData operations
0000217: [Enhancement] Don't keep HKT in memory unless required
0000067: [Bug] Generated Blocks Issue
0000192: [Bug] No typing cursor in search bar
0000197: [Security] Include family shared steam accounts into user blacklisting for servers
0000170: [Bug] Cart Bug (old bug)
0000179: [Bug] Loud Crafting noise when Shift+Double clicking
0000178: [Feature Request] Adding custom dummy size/scale support to the PhantomComponentDefinition
0000176: [Feature Request] Craftable with available materials
0000172: [Bug] Trash settings aren't saved
0000159: [Enhancement] More visible blocks when building at night
0000156: [Enhancement] That one "Neon Green" Foliage
0000164: [Bug] Quest text windows only refresh after clicking on the quest a second time
0000162: [Feature Request] Retrieve rope from anywhere
0000099: [Enhancement] Pointer based methods should be converted to Span
0000115: [Bug] Color mask doesn't work with non-grid, new pipeline render entities
0000064: [Bug] Yellow Space Engineers selector will occasionally show up
0000008: [Bug] Servers loading older saves on restart
0000029: [Bug] Switching from an empty hand to a tool has bad animation
0000055: [Bug] Pasted grids are static when missing mods.
0000066: [Bug] Certain blocks don't work together
0000076: [Bug] Null scene when synchronizing groups
0000103: [Enhancement] [DS] remove logging/loading from non-existant textures
0000101: [Bug] Modding: Merge="Merge" does not work with crafting recipes
0000150: [Bug] Input processor swallows unregistered shortcuts
0000116: [Bug] Model attachments inconsistently use the old render pipeline when loading
0000142: [Feature Request] Add a Direct Connect button in the server browser
0000110: [Bug] EquippedTransform & EquippedTransformFps within EquipmentItemDefinition not working properly
0000136: [Bug] Character gets stuck in crossbow reload animation when the crossbow breaks
0000133: [Enhancement] Add dedicated key binding to switch chat modes
0000134: [Enhancement] Improve Runtime Model Modding Support
0000080: [Enhancement] Rope Instancing
0000106: [Enhancement] Allowing change of font in SignpostComponent
0000112: [Bug] BrokenItem not working with TimedDurabilityBehaviorDefinition for durable items
0000091: [Bug] Constructing on a survival server world does not require resources after reconnecting with creative tools enabled
0000120: [Bug] Crash when infinite persistence view component moves
0000113: [Feature Request] Allow multiple rope materials
0000111: [Enhancement] Add compatibility for non-character model materials for MaterialsDisabledIn1st
0000123: [Enhancement] Improve environment foliage LODs
0000125: [Enhancement] Improve Particle Effect Culling
0000077: [Feature Request] Allow cuttable environment items to customize the required energy
0000032: [Bug] 1x1x1 Round timber collision is 90 degrees off.
0000036: [Bug] [DS] Loads of Errors While Taking Backups on Shutdown
0000043: [Bug] Uploaded blueprints often don't show up in the workshop blueprints menu.
0000046: [Bug] Grids become invisible in MP
0000075: [Feature Request] Provide new scriptable physics shape API
0000056: [Enhancement] Use local mods to fulfill workshop dependencies
0000033: [Enhancement] Bush collision is annoying
0000117: [Bug] Crash when indexing variants in MyGridPickupComponent
0000308: [Enhancement] Reduce GC pressure from boxing and collection resizing (equinox)
0000068: [Enhancement] Weld voxel surface normals (equinox)
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Tickets that need further discussion and scoping before they will (possibly) be assigned to a specific release.

0000312: [Feature Request] Automatic Restart Time
0000062: [Enhancement] Update main menu videos
0000223: [Enhancement] Allow change ofdoor opening direction.
0000259: [Feature Request] Item disposal (e.g. trash can), further recycling
0000191: [Enhancement] Faster door opening
0000236: [Enhancement] Allow full rotation to slope walls
0000200: [Bug] Atacked by barbariians on safe location
0000297: [Enhancement] Make "Show interaction hints" > "Icons and Text" the default
0000258: [Bug] Still need to crouch to climb stairs through floor latch
0000256: [Enhancement] Non lockable Rope drum also having rope lenghts
0000251: [Feature Request] Grabbable block
0000252: [Feature Request] Pulleys
0000004: [Feature Request] Make doors into an frame with inventory component for the door itself
0000005: [Feature Request] Improve Claim system to support connected claims
0000006: [Feature Request] Tie claim system into a war system
0000295: [Feature Request] Notes/Writable Books
0000240: [Feature Request] Component system for items
0000294: [Feature Request] Paintings on the wall
0000293: [Feature Request] Potted plants
0000239: [Feature Request] POI System
0000166: [Feature Request] more animals
0000167: [Feature Request] Sitting!
0000168: [Feature Request] Sleeping!
0000248: [Bug] Unable to cook more than 3 items
0000226: [Feature Request] Back reaction torque for rope drums
0000222: [Feature Request] Advanced Combat
0000205: [Enhancement] Allow compounding stone walls with full-block small stone arch
0000215: [Feature Request] possibility to change the order in the crafting queue
0000209: [Enhancement] Allow Structural Integrity overlay in Survival
0000169: [Feature Request] Fence gates
0000190: [Enhancement] Log Wall should have more HP than Plank Wall
0000187: [Enhancement] Audit logging describing user actions
0000180: [Feature Request] Allow windmill to provide actual rotational force
0000161: [Enhancement] Allow filling in land beneath the player
0000155: [Enhancement] The Loading screens
0000160: [Enhancement] Land filling visual feedback
0000158: [Feature Request] Add highlight to plantables
0000038: [Feature Request] Make The Rename Button in the Savegame Menu Great Again
0000045: [Enhancement] Chat doesn't show previously written text when you backspace.
0000069: [Enhancement] Show weight of blocks in menu and the panel that appears on the right when placing blocks.
0000084: [Enhancement] Remote client: always load current session's chat log history when logging in
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