backlogged for a patch release

0000511: [Enhancement] Add small per-instance randomization of grass colors
0000500: [Enhancement] Expand XML error logging to point to the .sbc file
0000501: [Bug] Starting inventory items in scenario definitions not working
0000497: [Bug] Tree LOD has wrong/missing textures
0000476: [Enhancement] Blueprints sometimes can't be published when the thumbnail is too big
0000475: [Bug] Rope drum settings screen doesn't synchronize removal
0000480: [Bug] Crash during MyDamageOverTImeEffect.Activate
0000492: [Enhancement] Better MyInputContext.ActionEvent.AnalogValue computation
0000496: [Feature Request] randomised ore thickness
0000490: [Bug] State group based components get replicated twice
0000489: [Bug] Block entities are double replicated
0000482: [Enhancement] Add non-boxing variant of Physics.CastRay
0000477: [Bug] Planet environment component streams entire vegetation state to all clients
0000479: [Enhancement] Environment item storage should use custom serialization
0000457: [Enhancement] Add entity attachment flag to disable the attachment on dedicated servers
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