Rendering, loading, and game performance improvements.

0000452: [Bug] Physics constraint state group exceeds MTU for complex contraptions (equinox)
0000056: [Enhancement] Use local mods to fulfill workshop dependencies (cpttwinkie)
0000363: [Enhancement] Grass should use an approximated self-shadowing model (equinox)
0000509: [Bug] Crafting block can cause game freezes when it hasn't been loaded in a long time (equinox)
0000510: [Bug] Crafting components with mechanical power don't catch up (equinox)
0000495: [Bug] Interaction with blocks using sphere and capsule collision only on center point/line (equinox)
0000504: [Feature Request] Max blueprint size in survival (equinox)
0000369: [Enhancement] Instancing of glass in static models (equinox)
0000487: [Bug] Fresnel model for static glass is incorrect (equinox)
0000486: [Bug] Fresnel strength not propagated to renderer (equinox)
0000485: [Bug] Object loader occassionally gets stuck and never loads any new objects (equinox)
0000488: [Bug] Build ghosts are no longer translucent in some cases (equinox)
0000484: [Bug] Steam natives out of date (equinox)
0000481: [Bug] Plowing desynchronizes for every client that doesn't have the plow block loaded (equinox)
0000478: [Bug] MyAPIGateway.Parallel stays null after reloading (equinox)
0000415: [Enhancement] Whitelist improvements for 0.7.4 (equinox)
0000471: [Enhancement] Surface RpcMismatchException when joining servers (equinox)
0000467: [Bug] PhantomEffectComponent can crash when a lot of entities are moving nearby (equinox)
0000466: [Bug] Stat and effect enumeration allocates (equinox)
0000435: [Bug] Claim block spawns are lost for unloaded grids on world reloads (equinox)
0000461: [Bug] Crafting component doesn't unregister from batcher when unloaded (equinox)
0000463: [Bug] Detected entity close subscribed with anonymous delegate that can't get cleaned up (equinox)
0000468: [Bug] Voxel storage doesn't acquire lock when saving (equinox)
0000197: [Security] Include family shared steam accounts into user blacklisting for servers (equinox)
0000460: [Bug] Multi-scheduled updates may be orphaned when entity is removed from scene (equinox)
0000464: [Enhancement] Null renderer doesn't return render messages to pool (equinox)
0000465: [Bug] Scheduler allocates during equality comparison of fixed updates (equinox)
0000394: [Enhancement] Compress voxel maps async during MP join and saving (equinox)
0000459: [Bug] Player camera persistence viewers don't get cleaned up (equinox)
0000172: [Bug] Trash settings aren't saved (equinox)
0000420: [Enhancement] Loading time improvements (equinox)
       0000445: [Enhancement] Load all render assets needed by a single frame in parallel (equinox)
       0000378: [Enhancement] Cache mountpoint tests (equinox)
       0000309: [Enhancement] Cache mass properties of physical models (equinox)
       0000421: [Enhancement] Load all assets required by the main thread in parallel (equinox)
0000101: [Bug] Modding: Merge="Merge" does not work with crafting recipes (equinox)
0000436: [Bug] Group closures become inconsistent (equinox)
0000444: [Bug] Rocks_moss far texture is scaled poorly, and looks repetitive (equinox)
0000407: [Bug] Deleting parts crash (equinox)
0000178: [Feature Request] Adding custom dummy size/scale support to the PhantomComponentDefinition (equinox)
0000450: [Bug] Stumps don't delete environment items after reloading the environment sector (equinox)
0000456: [Bug] Claim ownership tooltip doesn't disappear (equinox)
0000454: [Bug] Audio FX on blocks don't get correct velocity, causing the doppler effect to not apply (equinox)
0000455: [Enhancement] Allow recentering camera when 3rd person is disabled (equinox)
0000453: [Bug] Assembly UUID is appended to mod storage directories (equinox)
0000254: [Enhancement] Improve grass model generation performance (equinox)
0000232: [Bug] Pinned tool goes missing upon joining server if it's on multiple bars (equinox)
0000106: [Enhancement] Allowing change of font in SignpostComponent (equinox)
0000192: [Bug] No typing cursor in search bar (equinox)
0000417: [Bug] Fix Game Analytics (equinox)
0000348: [Bug] Ore pentupling in bronze smelting recipe (equinox)
0000346: [Bug] Severe imbalance of ore dust bags masses. (equinox)
0000367: [Bug] Transparent materials tiling does not work (equinox)
0000434: [Enhancement] Support multiple button rows in SliderController (equinox)
0000433: [Bug] SliderController doesn't update the button controller (equinox)
0000112: [Bug] BrokenItem not working with TimedDurabilityBehaviorDefinition for durable items (equinox)
0000103: [Enhancement] [DS] remove logging/loading from non-existant textures (equinox)
0000179: [Bug] Loud Crafting noise when Shift+Double clicking (equinox)
0000379: [Enhancement] Filtering toolbar to available blocks is expensive when there are a lot of block variants (equinox)
0000117: [Bug] Crash when indexing variants in MyGridPickupComponent (equinox)
0000281: [Enhancement] Text not between tags (equinox)
0000317: [Enhancement] Warn when exceeding MTU/MTR limits on RPC events (equinox)
0000432: [Enhancement] Increase maximum packet size when sending the world to clients (equinox)
0000409: [Bug] Expired Claimblocks provide spawn option for everyone (equinox)
0000419: [Bug] Rare deadlock when ExecuteOrWait is used (equinox)
0000410: [Bug] Texture issues on palm tree LODs (equinox)
0000116: [Bug] Model attachments inconsistently use the old render pipeline when loading (equinox)
0000115: [Bug] Color mask doesn't work with non-grid, new pipeline render entities (equinox)
0000416: [Bug] AddRuntimeModel render message not properly reset (equinox)
0000315: [Bug] Allow limiting wardrobes and respawn to specific character lists (cpttwinkie)
0000380: [Enhancement] Configure max view distances for bushes and ground decor (equinox)
0000383: [Enhancement] Respect extreme model quality (equinox)
0000376: [Enhancement] Min pixel size culling (equinox)
0000371: [Enhancement] Don't recompute atmosphere transmittance every frame (equinox)
0000364: [Enhancement] Reduce alpha masking overdraw due to ill fitting grass quads (equinox)
0000218: [Enhancement] Use memcpy/memset for MyVoxelData operations (equinox)
0000308: [Enhancement] Reduce GC pressure from boxing and collection resizing (equinox)
0000483: [Enhancement] HkGeometry shouldn't capture an allocation stack trace every time its used (equinox)
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Bugfix release for 0.7.3

0000153: [Bug] Blocks with a infinite persistence view component can cause crashes (equinox)
0000148: [Bug] Trash removal always runs for exactly 0.1ms (equinox)
0000042: [Bug] Exception occurred: System.OverflowException: TimeSpan overflowed because the duration is too long. (equinox)
0000157: [Bug] All toggled placed objects (Mainly all light sources) (equinox)
0000193: [Bug] [DS] Crash: System.AccessViolationException - UpdateMotionType (equinox)
0000288: [Bug] Catchblock and Rope Eye Plate recreation for NaN mass bug. (equinox)
0000154: [Bug] Crash when changing input contexts during input handling (equinox)
0000090: [Enhancement] Make search bar active automatically when interacting with inventories (equinox)
0000241: [Enhancement] Show remaining time in crafting tooltip (equinox)
0000083: [Bug] Remote client doesn't receive and display chat messages prompted ingame (equinox)
0000102: [Bug] [DS?] Crafting queues unload when a world chunk gets unloaded (equinox)
0000220: [Bug] Inventory weight not recognized on sub grids (equinox)
0000163: [Bug] "Community Edition" text appears inside "Medieval Engineers" in Main Menu (equinox)
0000285: [Bug] Temporary fix to prevent vanishing grids (equinox)
0000173: [Feature Request] Server option to prevent players from creating blueprints (gwindalmir)
0000298: [Bug] Mechanical switch causes crash when switched on on DS (equinox)
0000305: [Bug] Signs no longer react to spaces nor other non-letter characters (gwindalmir)
0000122: [Bug] "Dead grids" on large blocks are still happening (DS - modded) (equinox)
0000175: [Bug] Player character no longer able to traverse 1x2 slopes (small block only) (equinox)
0000082: [Bug] Bringing dynamic objects closer / further away is borked (equinox)
0000199: [Bug] Jittery crosshair dot after tabbing out or enabling free-look (equinox)
0000300: [Bug] Crash when modifying pasted grid with broken small to large component (equinox)
0000088: [Bug] DS crash: System.NullReferenceException (MyConstraintAttachmentComponent) (equinox)
0000283: [Bug] Crash when view components without physics block until loaded (equinox)
0000282: [Feature Request] Add configurable feature for collecting minidumps (equinox)
0000186: [Bug] [DS] Crash: VRage.MyUpdateSchedulerException: Failed to execute Void RunSingleFrame() on Medieval.MyMedievalGame (equinox)
0000242: [Bug] Loss of precision in Time Definition (equinox)
0000249: [Bug] Inventory weight is concentrated at the block's center (equinox)
0000210: [Bug] Mod List Doesn't Show Mod Names (gwindalmir)
0000194: [Bug] Phantom component physics callbacks aren't thread safe (equinox)
0000151: [Bug] Advanced audio setting causes audio distortions (gwindalmir)
0000198: [Bug] Dedicated Server Memory Leak (equinox)
       0000219: [Bug] Fracture block physics shapes are leaked (equinox)
0000120: [Bug] Crash when infinite persistence view component moves (equinox)
0000326: [Enhancement] Open map layers up for modding (gwindalmir)
0000212: [Bug] [DS] Crash: System.InvalidOperationException exception causes auto-save to fail and stop working (gwindalmir)
0000224: [Bug] Search Bard focus and Hotkeys (equinox)
0000189: [Bug] Immediate crash from structural integrity stress overload (equinox)
0000195: [Bug] Problem with General Search (equinox)
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Initial Community Edition -- Now with fewer bugs!

0000019: [Bug] Workshop items with unicode characters in title or description show garbage in-game (gwindalmir)
0000128: [Enhancement] Improve grid-voxel narrowphase performance (equinox)
0000138: [Bug] EntityStateComponent raises events before dependents are subscribed (equinox)
0000089: [Bug] Crash with BP Control Block and Subgrids (equinox)
0000147: [Bug] Broken Lod's on subparts and other non grid entities (equinox)
0000013: [Bug] hkpMoppBvTreeShape.{ctor} crash when building grid physics (equinox)
0000144: [Bug] Too many mods breaks the server browser display (gwindalmir)
0000146: [Bug] Switching maps in DS config tool doesn't update the world name (gwindalmir)
0000141: [Bug] ME Servers do not appear in Steam's master server browser list if you filter for ME (gwindalmir)
0000131: [Enhancement] Allow servers to define minimum vegetation view distance (gwindalmir)
0000143: [Bug] BuffPanel Analytics is Broken (equinox)
0000145: [Enhancement] Non-mutating struct methods should be marked Pure (equinox)
0000140: [Enhancement] Add average and max tick length to debug screen (equinox)
0000139: [Bug] Definition requiring components can be initialized without a definition when deserializing (equinox)
0000135: [Enhancement] Add support for dynamic runtime models to AddRuntimeModel (equinox)
0000132: [Enhancement] Make PlanetActionTrackingComponent configurable (equinox)
0000079: [Enhancement] Don't update rope render objects that haven't moved (equinox)
0000130: [Enhancement] Cull distant rope objects (equinox)
0000119: [Enhancement] Add support for Span<T> in mods (equinox)
0000124: [Bug] Particles stop updating before they get removed (equinox)
0000127: [Bug] Fix hash collisions in MyLodMesh lookup table (equinox)
0000129: [Enhancement] Fix some renderer allocations (equinox)
0000114: [Bug] Standing on the exact opposite side of the planet to the sun crashes game (gwindalmir)
0000108: [Bug] Changing motion type from box to sphere crashes havok (equinox)
0000100: [Enhancement] Enable Havok Multithreading (equinox)
0000098: [Enhancement] Allow character to look left and right while seated. (equinox)
0000107: [Enhancement] Audio Modding API Improvements (equinox)
0000097: [Enhancement] Align view to chairs (equinox)
0000094: [Bug] DS doesn't download mod updates (gwindalmir)
0000003: [Bug] Crash when placing grid-aligned catch blocks (equinox)
0000096: [Bug] MyPlanetAreaContentsComponent only has valid data for grids that have been loaded (equinox)
0000095: [Bug] MyPlanetAreaContentsComponent memory leak when unloading grids (equinox)
0000060: [Task] Integrate peaceman's DLL fixes (equinox)
       0000040: [Bug] Error / Crash: Attempt to split a client group that was already closed. (equinox)
0000078: [Enhancement] Normalized analog values (equinox)
0000012: [Bug] CPU usage spikes with dynamic grids on voxels (equinox)
       0000051: [Bug] Poor grid-voxel collision performance for large multi-shape blocks (equinox)
       0000061: [Enhancement] Enable voxel decimation for physics (equinox)
       0000052: [Bug] Block colliders are added to the sparse grid multiple times (equinox)
       0000053: [Bug] MyMotionEventsComponent fires events every frame (equinox)
0000035: [Feature Request] Add 24h format to logfiles (equinox)
0000057: [Enhancement] Provide a way to exclude a group from blueprint collection (equinox)
0000063: [Enhancement] Provide version information to mod scripts (equinox)
0000034: [Bug] Server Shuts Down with Exception (equinox)
0000054: [Bug] Blueprints can be exploited in survival to cheat in items. (equinox)
0000058: [Bug] Steam workshop publisher adds dependencies the wrong way around (gwindalmir)
0000074: [Enhancement] Deleting the main menu videos causes refresh issues in the menu background (gwindalmir)
0000030: [Bug] Half of a grid will 'die' when the grid is split into two. (equinox)
0000065: [Enhancement] Game should log which mods were pulled in as depedencies (gwindalmir)
0000071: [Enhancement] Joystick improvements (equinox)
       0000072: [Bug] Control settings aren't respected until the world is reloaded (equinox)
       0000073: [Enhancement] Send analog input when below the pressed input (equinox)
       0000070: [Bug] Joystick control configuration does not save (equinox)
0000059: [Enhancement] Performance improvements for MultipleRootResolver (equinox)
0000039: [Bug] All catch blocks on a grid break when they travel too far. (equinox)
0000050: [Bug] FieldMergerAttribute does not work (equinox)
0000028: [Bug] Error messages shown during splash screen are hidden by it (gwindalmir)
0000037: [Bug] [DS] Exception in MyNetworkReader: System.InvalidOperationException: Error serializing MyBuildServerResponse.BlockIds (equinox)
0000024: [Bug] Grids always use cube shaped inertia tensors (equinox)
       0000049: [Bug] Removing a single non-static weight crashes the game. (equinox)
0000022: [Enhancement] Include currently updating entity information in crashes (equinox)
0000010: [Bug] MyActionTrackingSystem.DamageApplied has incorrect component reference (gwindalmir)
0000011: [Bug] MyGridDestructionComponent.Serialize incorrectly sets IsIndestructable (gwindalmir)
0000018: [Bug] Canceling mod download causes worker thread to hang (gwindalmir)
0000020: [Bug] Improve tooltips so they have a size limit, and wrap better (gwindalmir)
0000021: [Enhancement] UI improvements and other minor changes to improve visiblity of elements (gwindalmir)
0000025: [Bug] Fix game not saving when "Server host has left the game" error occurs (gwindalmir)
0000026: [Bug] Blueprints on page screen always say "It is not clear whether or not this blueprint requires mods" (gwindalmir)
0000023: [Bug] Blueprint filtering doesn't properly show game version, and sorting is backwards internally (gwindalmir)
       0000027: [Enhancement] Add override to show and load incompatible blueprints (gwindalmir)
0000002: [Bug] Tree branches can spawn inside physical objects (equinox)
0000001: [Bug] Concurrent modification in loading screen (equinox)
0000009: [Bug] Blueprint browser hangs when showing blueprint information (gwindalmir)
0000017: [Bug] Profiler preallocates 48MB of blocks per thread (equinox)
0000016: [Bug] Partially built blocks are added to grid shape twice on initial load (equinox)
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