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0000083Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-05-10 19:55
Reportershad Assigned Toequinox  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.7.2 
Target Version0.7.3.968CF8Fixed in Version0.7.3.968CF8 
Summary0000083: Remote client doesn't receive and display chat messages prompted ingame

As the title says. Sending messages to the ingame chat works fine and you can see the messages prompted from inside the RC, but no messages prompted from ingame chat are displayed.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Login to a remote session with the RC and go to Admin Tools.
  • Ingame, send a chat message
  • The message is not being received or displayed by the RC
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related to 0000084 assigned Remote client: always load current session's chat log history when logging in  
related to 0000328 new Remote client doesn't display command responses  



2022-05-09 23:35

administrator   #~0000270

Reopening to fix commands not showing responses


2022-05-10 19:55

administrator   #~0000271

Not showing command output can't be resolved without modifying the remote client, something we aren't setup for in CE yet. Tracking that bug separately in 0000328

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