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0000084Medieval EngineersEnhancementpublic2022-04-28 20:08
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Summary0000084: Remote client: always load current session's chat log history when logging in

I'm not sure if and how this would be possible, especially for RC instances that are not running on the server machine itself, since it has to access the actual chat logfile on the remote host. But maybe it's at least possible if you also run the RC on the remote host.
It's always bothering me that the chat history is not included when you log in to the RC when I quickly want to check up on the latest happenings after some player reports or complains.

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related to 0000083 resolvedequinox Remote client doesn't receive and display chat messages prompted ingame  



2022-04-28 19:55

administrator   #~0000225

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The API fixed in 0000083 will restore up to the last 1000 chat messages. However the remote client always requests messages sent after you open the client, which means fixing this requires editing the remote client, something we don't have the ability to do in CE right now.

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