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0000122Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-05-09 01:35
Reporterxaerthus Assigned Toequinox  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWindowsOS10 2004OS Version10.0.19041
Product Version0.7.3.33D4BBProduct BuildC11F1 
Target Version0.7.3.968CF8Fixed in Version0.7.3.968CF8 
Summary0000122: "Dead grids" on large blocks are still happening (DS - modded)

The issue described in report 030:
is still happening with large blocks, on modded DS (Industrial Engineers modpack)

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a single large block
  2. Expand it out in all 4 horizontal directions by more than 10 blocks
  3. Cut out the middle block
  4. Observe that at least one of the extensions is now dead
TagsBlock, Interaction


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2022-04-08 19:57

administrator   #~0000091

Was fixed by the small grid changes for grid-voxel narrowphase performance. However, I didn't apply those changes to large grids since I thought it unnecessary. That said I will enabling it for large grids in the next release.

The config changes are:

  <Definition xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_GridPhysicsShapeComponentDefinition">
    <Id Type="GridPhysicsShapeComponent" Subtype="LargeGrid" />

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