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0000102Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-05-09 21:41
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Target Version0.7.3.968CF8Fixed in Version0.7.3.968CF8 
Summary0000102: [DS?] Crafting queues unload when a world chunk gets unloaded

(Very) long crafting processes have issues with world chunking. When a world chunk gets unloaded, the crafting process does too... at least on DS.
This means, the crafting process won't progress after the world chunk gets unloaded where the crafting station lives in.
It even happens to an extend where it may never finishes crafting at all.
This is usually not an issue with vanilla crafting recipes, as they never take more than a minute to finish.

Steps To Reproduce

I tested this with a 10 min recipe in SP.
The crafting process seems to finish after the correct amount of time, even if the corresponding world chunk gets unloaded.
The only issue here is that the progress bar in the icon gets set to 100% after loading the chunk again.

On DS this seems to be an entire different story.
Players reported that their crafting processes never finished after waiting for several days and sever restarts.
The progress bar seems to get stuck at where the server restarted for the first time / the cunk unloaded, causing the process to never finish.
This was tested with a recipe that takes 24 hours to finish.




2022-05-09 21:41

administrator   #~0000269

I reopened 0000241 since this is a bug with that.

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