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0000315Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-10-03 10:17
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Product Version0.7.3.33D4BB 
Target Version0.7.4 (unreleased)Fixed in Version0.7.4 (unreleased) 
Summary0000315: Allow limiting wardrobes and respawn to specific character lists

Currently MyMedievalPlanetRespawnComponent, MyGuiScreenWardrobe, and MyCharacterModelDataSource all generate a list of character models by going through all CharacterListDefinitions.
All of these should have a new HashSet<MyDefinitionId> added to their definitions that allows mods to limit respawn and wardrobe blocks to only allow switching to a subset of character definitions.

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2022-05-03 17:42

administrator   #~0000236

@shad's original request:

Right now, when you join/load a world for the first time, you spawn with a randomly selected character from

    <Id Type="CharacterListDefinition" Subtype="Default" />

This can either be one of the vanilla characters (male/female engineer) or any modded character that is appended to that list.
As far as I understand, this lis is hardcoded to the wardrobe, respectively, the wardrobe cannot be configured to draw from additional lists.
I have two mods in the pipeline that I won't work with how the system works now. I need to exclude specific playable character models from the initial spawn, but still be able to be pickable from the wardrobe.

My suggestion:
Add bool check (i.e. InitialSpawn) to CharacterListDefinition so you can decide if a character should be available for the first spawn or not. If "false", the character will still be selectable from the wardrobe.
Restricting initial spawn to vanilla characters only is too limiting in my opinion, as there are legitimate, modded characters that are intended to be available for initial spawn.

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