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0000210Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-04-17 09:31
Reporterramblinrick Assigned Togwindalmir  
PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.7.3.968CF8Fixed in Version0.7.3.968CF8 
Summary0000210: Mod List Doesn't Show Mod Names

List of mods does not show names. Shows all as incompatible. Mods were previously listed and compatible. The mods are compatible, because I see the results in game

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Select "Load World"
  2. Select name from Saves list
  3. Click "edit Settings" button
  4. Click Mods button
    Mods list does not show names. When hovering over a mod number, it indicates it is incompatible



2022-04-11 02:52


20220411044336_1.jpg (519,072 bytes)   
20220411044336_1.jpg (519,072 bytes)   


2022-04-11 03:06

administrator   #~0000120

It seems to be a mixed result.
I have Water in Medieval Engineers mod, and that appears normally.
But I specifically added the Dirt to Clay mod listed in your screenshot (top item), and can see the issue with it.


2022-04-11 03:40

reporter   #~0000122

From my own experience this is more likely to happen with more items on the list. Also it is almost guaranteed to happen when sharing the save file with someone directly (through pasting someone else's save folder into your own)


2022-04-11 07:57

reporter   #~0000127

Reproducible when you manually copy worlds into your savegame folder. At least this is what I usually see, when I import a server world to my client.
Not sure if this also applies to worlds that you loaded from the workshop.


2022-04-11 11:32

reporter   #~0000132

I did not load a world from the workshop This was a new game started after ME:CE


2022-04-11 13:54

administrator   #~0000135

Last edited: 2022-04-11 13:55

I found the issue.
This happens if the world has any mods listed that the user is not subscribed to. You'll know which ones you aren't subscribed to, as those are the only ones that appear normally.

This was an old bug that was always there, but I think the multithreaded changes made in CE caused this to surface.

This has been resolved and is scheduled for the next hotfix.

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