backlogged for a major release

0000366: [Bug] Incorrect textures
0000374: [Enhancement] Support decals on grids
0000266: [Bug] Grids occasionally vanish when loading chunks
0000382: [Bug] Incorrect models
       0000156: [Enhancement] That one "Neon Green" Foliage
0000352: [Enhancement] Consider removing local coordinate systems
0000243: [Bug] Attachment physics cause bugged grid movement when dynamic
0000150: [Bug] Input processor swallows unregistered shortcuts
0000033: [Enhancement] Bush collision is annoying
0000392: [Feature Request] Sound font backed MIDI playback for mods
0000385: [Bug] Environment items don't maintain position through LOD switches
0000080: [Enhancement] Rope Instancing (equinox)
       0000113: [Feature Request] Allow multiple rope materials
0000411: [Feature Request] Implement SMAA to reduce flickering on alpha masked objects and improve clarity (equinox)
0000077: [Feature Request] Allow cuttable environment items to customize the required energy (equinox)
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