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0000243Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-11-16 17:35
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Target Version0.8 (unreleased) 
Summary0000243: Attachment physics cause bugged grid movement when dynamic

When a small block containing an attachment with physics is placed on a dynamic grid and said dynamic grid is reloaded, it starts floating away and/or moving erratically, similarly to when the "catch block bug" happens.

This is probably more a feature suggestion, but since the current result is an in game bug, that can be caused accidentally by a player, I'm reporting it as that.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a small block containing an attachment with physics (f.e. any block from Small Block Doors)
  2. Place it on any grid that is dynamic
  3. Reload that grid by flying away, reloading the game or cutting and pasting (when the block is first placed, the attachment physic are not applied, the bug only happens after grid reload)
  4. Try interacting with the grid, bumping or pushing it, open the door
  5. The grid should start to float in a weird motion and stop responding to in game laws of physics

Current workaround for doors:
To be able to make dynamic doors with physics despite the described issue, I am using a workaround consisting of two parts:

  1. Adding a PhysicsBodyComponent to the attachment with <CollisionLayer>NoCollisionLayer</CollisionLayer> (CharacterCollisionLayer also causes the same problem)
  2. Using a EquiEventModifier together with EquiModifierChangeModel to swap the models between the states, with the according closed/open collision added to the main block collisions.
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2022-04-28 19:04

administrator   #~0000222

This is due to kinematic attachment physics colliding with and pushing the dynamic grid they are attached to.

To fix this we probably need to establish a physics system/group containing the attachment physics and the grid physics and prevent the attachment physics from colliding with the grid physics.

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