backlogged for a minor release

0000134: [Enhancement] Improve Runtime Model Modding Support
0000493: [Enhancement] Support lightweight visual inventory
0000310: [Enhancement] Improve mass properties calculation for havok shapes
0000046: [Bug] Grids become invisible in MP
0000036: [Bug] [DS] Loads of Errors While Taking Backups on Shutdown
0000443: [Bug] Stumps aren't rendered using the environment item system and are entities instead - problems with regrowing
0000448: [Feature Request] Support ore deposits at constant elevation instead of constant depth
0000306: [Feature Request] Allow compounding dummies to be sbc-definied to allow vanilla small block compounding without model changes
0000231: [Bug] Game sometimes resets player height on load
0000370: [Bug] Roof Battlement Compound Build Issue
0000228: [Bug] Merge Rules for Kilns
0000403: [Enhancement] Mining particles cause lag and cannot be disabled
0000227: [Bug] Work direction of locking catch block incorrect when connecting subparts of two opposite ones
0000387: [Bug] Fall death on login in dug out area
0000406: [Enhancement] Food bonus effect last shorter than it takes to get hungry again
0000427: [Bug] Barbarians won't cross drawbridge
0000441: [Bug] Landscape stake does not work
0000442: [Bug] Mistake in generated blocks definition
0000446: [Bug] Terrain damage regenerates in unloaded chunks
0000438: [Bug] VSync Does Not Respect Settings in MedievalEngineers.cfg
0000395: [Feature Request] Moddable/adjustable aiming sway
0000426: [Feature Request] Confirmation prompt for banning players
0000425: [Feature Request] Baking terrain and reuploading it as base world to reduce voxel changes
0000390: [Bug] Server is experiencing cyclic local sim speed drops to approx 50% approx every 3 minutes
0000316: [Feature Request] [Modding] Add research quest option for playable characters
0000229: [Bug] Unfinished wall with door considers doors to BE THERE
0000437: [Enhancement] Retain the last 10 log files
0000356: [Bug] Fracture pieces disappearing after a second
0000217: [Enhancement] Don't keep HKT in memory unless required
0000043: [Bug] Uploaded blueprints often don't show up in the workshop blueprints menu.
0000412: [Bug] MEDS GUI Allowed Blueprint Locations does not get propulated on loadup of the GUI
0000076: [Bug] Null scene when synchronizing groups
0000273: [Enhancement] Make dead bodies pull-able/pick-up-able
0000133: [Enhancement] Add dedicated key binding to switch chat modes
0000373: [Enhancement] Enable Page Up, Page Down, Home & End keys for Menu Navigation
0000032: [Bug] 1x1x1 Round timber collision is 90 degrees off.
0000196: [Bug] Log Wall with Shutters bug
0000296: [Bug] Mill Stone or Furnace Placement Issue on Wooden Floors
0000170: [Bug] Cart Bug (old bug)
0000041: [Bug] Research Quest "Transportation" Does Not Continue in Survival
0000368: [Feature Request] spawn barbarians as admins
0000182: [Bug] Player walks in place when standing on plank surface
0000264: [Bug] Windmill keeps spinning when detached
0000337: [Bug] Menu music plays twice when returning from world to main menu
0000091: [Bug] Constructing on a survival server world does not require resources after reconnecting with creative tools enabled
0000008: [Bug] Servers loading older saves on restart
0000066: [Bug] Certain blocks don't work together
0000360: [Bug] Palisade Gate Explodes when Barbarian Dies and Glitches into it
0000272: [Bug] using a touchpad breaks any action that uses a scroll wheel key bind
0000233: [Bug] Barbarians (and deer) immune against projectiles/falling objects
0000206: [Enhancement] Projectile Removal
0000377: [Enhancement] Extend small object culling to merge instancing
0000253: [Bug] Barbarians Attack Through Closed Gate
0000164: [Bug] Quest text windows only refresh after clicking on the quest a second time
0000142: [Feature Request] Add a Direct Connect button in the server browser
0000111: [Enhancement] Add compatibility for non-character model materials for MaterialsDisabledIn1st
0000257: [Bug] Cannot place diagonal palisades
0000177: [Feature Request] Searchable MasterMenu materials etc (Shift-F10)
0000335: [Enhancement] Show mod name in G menu
0000324: [Enhancement] Changing signs to accept multi-line input
0000110: [Bug] EquippedTransform & EquippedTransformFps within EquipmentItemDefinition not working properly
0000213: [Bug] Rope drums and Lockable rope drums cause occasional sharp pulls instead of smooth movement
0000064: [Bug] Yellow Space Engineers selector will occasionally show up
0000176: [Feature Request] Craftable with available materials
0000318: [Bug] Barbarian identities being generated but never removed
0000235: [Bug] Collectibles (especially plants) keep highlighted
0000274: [Security] Secure servers with passwords
0000331: [Bug] Highlight (and so harvest) bushes for sticks inconsistent
0000299: [Bug] SmallToGrid component groups aren't synchronized
0000075: [Feature Request] Provide new scriptable physics shape API
0000384: [Enhancement] Respect new LOD settings for grids and environment
0000125: [Enhancement] Improve Particle Effect Culling
0000393: [Enhancement] Support geometry texture arrays via instance settings when merge instancing (equinox)
0000418: [Enhancement] Cache compiled script assemblies (equinox)
0000431: [Feature Request] Add game option to disable preloading of textures and models (equinox)
0000136: [Bug] Character gets stuck in crossbow reload animation when the crossbow breaks (cpttwinkie)
0000234: [Bug] Barbarians and deer drop from the sky when spawning (+ no fall damage?) (cpttwinkie)
0000329: [Bug] Unable to remove safe area (cpttwinkie)
0000424: [Enhancement] ModAPI hook for controlling the growth rate and growth transitions based on world position/time/biome (equinox)
0000381: [Enhancement] Apply max distance filters during environment sector item generation (equinox)
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