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0000032Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-12-09 01:08
ReporterJohnbeere Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version0.7.2 
Target Version0.7.5 (unreleased) 
Summary0000032: 1x1x1 Round timber collision is 90 degrees off.

Both the 1x1x1 round timber and the crank have a collision that is 90 degrees off from where it should be.

This mod includes new models for the 1x1x1 round timber to fix the collision:

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2020-09-24 12:31 Johnbeere New Issue
2020-10-24 22:34 equinox Target Version => 0.7.4 (unreleased)
2022-11-20 21:55 equinox Tag Attached: No Source
2022-12-09 01:08 equinox Target Version 0.7.4 (unreleased) => 0.7.5 (unreleased)