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0000329Medieval EngineersBugpublic2023-02-03 15:56
ReporterTheurgist Assigned Tocpttwinkie  
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Target Version0.7.5 (unreleased) 
Summary0000329: Unable to remove safe area

I have a rented server set up with several safe zones, and have had issues removing safe areas in creative game mode. You can press F on it to remove, as it says in-game, but the reference in sandbox_0 remains. I ended up needing to manually remove them via editing.

The map may have changed game modes several times too in case that is of any relevance

Side note: I tried renaming Mining Area to customize them too, but the game just re-names them on load

Steps To Reproduce

Add some safe zones on a server.

Additional Information

It seemed fine in the single player test I did, only seems to happen on server

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2022-05-10 21:29

administrator   #~0000272

Confirmed it's a bug with the sync code. The entity is removed on the client but the change isn't replicated to the server.

How are you trying to rename the area?


2022-05-11 10:31

reporter   #~0000273

Changing the text for Mining Area in the name field, it gets reverted to Mining Area on load


2022-05-11 11:49

administrator   #~0000274

Last edited: 2022-05-11 11:51

What name field? Can you screenshot or add a code snippet demonstrating where it is?


2022-05-11 14:37

reporter   #~0000275

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