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0000406Medieval EngineersEnhancementpublic2023-02-04 16:29
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Target Version0.7.5 (unreleased) 
Summary0000406: Food bonus effect last shorter than it takes to get hungry again

Buff food like spiced bread has an effect which can sometimes not replenished when the player cannot eat. When a player has a nearly full food bar he can eat a spiced bread but the food bar extends so much that the buff lasts for less time than it takes to be able to eat again

Steps To Reproduce

Have nearly full food bar
Eat spiced bread
Mine as long as the boost effect lasts
Try to eat again

  • Unable to eat again as the character is not hungry
  • Player is stuck with "slow" mining speed until hungry again
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2022-09-12 06:29

administrator   #~0000345

It seems like the proper approach here would be to make buff providing food eatable even if you aren't hungry. You could extend the buff but that wouldn't solve all cases.

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