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0000136Medieval EngineersBugpublic2023-02-03 15:58
Reportershad Assigned Tocpttwinkie  
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Product Version0.7.2 
Target Version0.7.5 (unreleased) 
Summary0000136: Character gets stuck in crossbow reload animation when the crossbow breaks

When you shoot a crossbow and it breaks afterwards, your character gets stuck in the crossbow reload animation, causing the character's arms act weirdly with other tools and extreme slowdown when running around.
Only a respawn fixes it and resets the character's animation.

Steps To Reproduce
  • get a (wooden) crossbow
  • shoot bolts until it breaks
  • equip another tool (primary and secondary)
  • notice your character's running speed is slowed down and its arms acting up weirdly
  • respawn and see the animation to be back to normal
Additional Information

Tested in SP and MP/DS survival with a wooden crossbow.

TagsCharacter, Weapon


has duplicate 0000388 closedequinox If crossbow is broken during an aiming shot player stuck in aiming mode  



2022-02-13 04:21

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2022-02-13 04:24

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Some more screenshots

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