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0000041Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-12-09 01:07
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Product Version0.7.2 
Target Version0.7.5 (unreleased) 
Summary0000041: Research Quest "Transportation" Does Not Continue in Survival

This was reported on Keen's support page.

Im trying to do the transportation research where you build the wagon.
when placing the timber vertically the game is not continuing on with the quest no matter what size or type of timber placed

I tested it multiple times and it seems to happen randomly.
It happens both, when you redo the quest within the same session, or when reloading the game in between.

Steps To Reproduce

*Start a game in survival mode
*Progress to the quest "Transportation" in the economy branch and start it
*In the 2nd step, place the timber as shown in the description in the (J)ournal
*If it acknowledged the placement at first try, abandon the quest and try again



has duplicate 0000216 closedequinox Transportation Quest Failure  



2020-10-24 23:21

administrator   #~0000033

I suspect someone was placing a timber that wasn't a timber 10, which the quest requires. The bug here might be the quest doesn't explicitly say "Timber 10", which I'd consider a minor bug.


2022-04-12 02:23

reporter   #~0000143

This happened to me as well. By placing the 0000010 about an hour later elsewhere on the map, the event triggered. I reported this in Steam and in Mantis. Report 0000216


2022-04-19 04:34

reporter   #~0000186

Why did Mantiss replace my test with "0000010"?

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