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0000217Medieval EngineersEnhancementpublic2022-12-09 23:40
Reporterequinox Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Target Version0.7.5 (unreleased) 
Summary0000217: Don't keep HKT in memory unless required

MyModel.HavokData and MyModel.HavokDestructionData pin all loaded HKT serialized havok collision data in memory for the entire lifetime of the model. Realistically this isn't needed except when deserializing the Havok shape list, and should be released once the shape list is deserialized.

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2022-04-11 23:53 equinox New Issue
2022-12-09 23:40 equinox Target Version 0.7.4 (unreleased) => 0.7.5 (unreleased)