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0000390Medieval EngineersBugpublic2023-02-03 16:00
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Target Version0.7.5 (unreleased) 
Summary0000390: Server is experiencing cyclic local sim speed drops to approx 50% approx every 3 minutes

Since our world ME World Vikings US has reached a size of 37mb (reported on world load) we have begun experiencing a lag in only the Local sim speed of all players on a cyclic bases. Approx every 3 to 4 minutes all players including admin will get a local simspeed drop of as much a 50 % this is short bounce and also causes a short rubber banding of the character. This is happening all the time regardless of number of players. I have tested online myself no other players online and experience this bounce even if I am standing still (no rubber banding if standing still) but still experience the rubber banding if any movement even if no crafting or building is being done. The larger the world gets the worse it gets. There is no corresponding drop in Server sim speed it is strictly a local sime speed drop. Our world is large and has a lot of players and has extensive railroads and the grading that goes with them. This effect's all players regardless of their ping or FPS including admin. Server is private equipment. 6 core i7 32gb ram I have not noted any cpu drag rarely goes above 45% and that is only on saves and restarts Also network speed even with 6 players is well under max avail bandwidth for my system as far as I can tell I have 840mbs of up speed and 25mbs of down have considered that the down speed may be the issue but it does not seem to be indicated by the network performance monitor.

Steps To Reproduce

Load our world into the DS and join start moving about as the lag (local simspeed dropping) and rubberbanding happens to even one player online and even just walking around this happens in a cycle about every 3 to 4 minutes and repeats continuously. So it should be apparent when loading world and simply joining and moving about . I am Unable to send the save file as it is 79 mb I will post it to my dropbox account and place a link here.

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related to 0000425 new Baking terrain and reuploading it as base world to reduce voxel changes  
parent of 0000394 resolvedequinox Compress voxel maps async during MP join and saving  



2022-08-27 21:07

administrator   #~0000328

After some investigation this appears to be some issue with the client side time synchronization. The client will start running ahead, then it will aggressively begin reducing its simulation speed to bring it back into sync. It resolves it when it gets back in sync through slowing down enough or through time reset.


2022-08-28 12:57

administrator   #~0000329

Further investigation shows this is likely auto save fully pausing the server's thread for 7 seconds.


2022-09-05 01:25

reporter   #~0000333


2022-10-26 02:05

reporter   #~0000354

Our Server has now reached a size of 69mb The symptom has not worsened but is the same I am planning to move the server to a more powerful computer with NVME boot and game drive this should (I hope) allow the computer to save the file faster reducing the bounce (rubberbanding) but just a hope as may be a data bottleneck anyway but will see I will post if it makes any noticeable improvement


2022-10-26 02:09

administrator   #~0000355

The bounce is during saving the voxel maps to memory, not disk. And it's primarily due to compression performance. Unfortunately a faster disk won't help.

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