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0000031Medieval EngineersBugpublic2023-08-22 12:07
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Summary0000031: Vanilla catch blocks are too weak.

While the catch blocks are mostly fine in SP, on multiplayer servers they often randomly fail, and a technique used to stop this was using several catch blocks with connected subparts. Once my "Stronger Catch Blocks" mod ( was added to the PlanetsNoLag server this issue disappeared. All that is needed is to increase the <MaxResistedForce>, my mod uses a value of 2000000000. It previously used a smaller value that did not reliably fix this issue. Might be worthwhile to test lower values so that it's not so ridiculous - would be very tedious to test though.

Besides that - they're still too weak in vanilla. They fall apart too easily.

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Place a catch block in a MP server and there's a chance that it breaks after a while - it's random, so not easy to reproduce.

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2023-07-16 21:50

reporter   #~0000396

Agreed. This is a major problem when vanilla catchblocks are placed on ships when they become damaged (on their own sometimes) Your ship can end up flying into space . I recommend using John's stronger catchblocks in all use but many times new players are not aware of this issue and use vanilla blocks


2023-08-22 12:07

reporter   #~0000401

I agree, in vanilla DS, after joining two Rope Drums together separated by 4 full length round timbers and connecting catch blocks, the catch blocks explode. This is a common construction for draw bridges and auto farming equipment descending down a hill. After adding the noted "Stronger Catch Blocks" the construction works fine.

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