Tickets that need further discussion and scoping before they will (possibly) be assigned to a specific release.

0000166: [Feature Request] more animals
0000494: [Task] Invalid transparent materials are ignored instead of rendering an error material
0000031: [Bug] Vanilla catch blocks are too weak.
0000342: [Bug] Missing block variation for half timber wall slope
0000361: [Enhancement] Log Pillars Need Additional Build State
0000398: [Feature Request] Peasants NPCs
0000405: [Feature Request] There are no Ladders on the game
0000428: [Feature Request] More interactable blocks with physics
0000429: [Feature Request] Modular torsion spring
0000439: [Bug] Disconnecting rope from landscape stake doesn't give rope back
0000408: [Feature Request] Introducing biome dependence to crop growth
0000159: [Enhancement] More visible blocks when building at night
0000372: [Task] Performance Testing
0000055: [Bug] Pasted grids are static when missing mods.
0000029: [Bug] Switching from an empty hand to a tool has bad animation
0000067: [Bug] Generated Blocks Issue
0000205: [Enhancement] Allow compounding stone walls with full-block small stone arch
0000190: [Enhancement] Log Wall should have more HP than Plank Wall
0000351: [Enhancement] Small grid block construction doesn't respect component list
0000162: [Feature Request] Retrieve rope from anywhere
0000328: [Bug] Remote client doesn't display command responses
0000099: [Enhancement] Pointer based methods should be converted to Span
0000167: [Feature Request] Sitting!
0000365: [Feature Request] Enemy NPC Overhaul
0000248: [Bug] Unable to cook more than 3 items
0000312: [Feature Request] Automatic Restart Time
0000062: [Enhancement] Update main menu videos
0000223: [Enhancement] Allow change ofdoor opening direction.
0000259: [Feature Request] Item disposal (e.g. trash can), further recycling
0000191: [Enhancement] Faster door opening
0000236: [Enhancement] Allow full rotation to slope walls
0000200: [Bug] Atacked by barbariians on safe location
0000297: [Enhancement] Make "Show interaction hints" > "Icons and Text" the default
0000258: [Bug] Still need to crouch to climb stairs through floor latch
0000256: [Enhancement] Non lockable Rope drum also having rope lenghts
0000251: [Feature Request] Grabbable block
0000252: [Feature Request] Pulleys
0000004: [Feature Request] Make doors into an frame with inventory component for the door itself
0000005: [Feature Request] Improve Claim system to support connected claims
0000006: [Feature Request] Tie claim system into a war system
0000295: [Feature Request] Notes/Writable Books
0000240: [Feature Request] Component system for items
0000294: [Feature Request] Paintings on the wall
0000293: [Feature Request] Potted plants
0000239: [Feature Request] POI System
0000168: [Feature Request] Sleeping!
0000226: [Feature Request] Back reaction torque for rope drums
0000222: [Feature Request] Advanced Combat
0000215: [Feature Request] possibility to change the order in the crafting queue
0000209: [Enhancement] Allow Structural Integrity overlay in Survival
0000169: [Feature Request] Fence gates
0000187: [Enhancement] Audit logging describing user actions
0000180: [Feature Request] Allow windmill to provide actual rotational force
0000161: [Enhancement] Allow filling in land beneath the player
0000155: [Enhancement] The Loading screens
0000160: [Enhancement] Land filling visual feedback
0000158: [Feature Request] Add highlight to plantables
0000038: [Feature Request] Make The Rename Button in the Savegame Menu Great Again
0000045: [Enhancement] Chat doesn't show previously written text when you backspace.
0000069: [Enhancement] Show weight of blocks in menu and the panel that appears on the right when placing blocks.
0000084: [Enhancement] Remote client: always load current session's chat log history when logging in
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