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0000239Medieval EngineersFeature Requestpublic2022-04-21 19:37
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Summary0000239: POI System

A frequently made request is for more in-world features that players can discover when wandering the map. A good first step to that is a moddable POI system that can be used to place manually created POIs into the world without bloating the save file.

Key features of such a system would be:

  • Supports plants, grids, voxel changes, and pre-defined NPCs in each prefab definition
  • Created entities do not get saved into the world file unless players have actually modified them
  • Voxel changes are handled by intercepting calls to the storage provider, so until players modify the voxels the changes exist purely as definitions
  • POI definitions consist of a location and prefab reference(s) and automatically exist in the world
  • Modding API hook for mods to generate POIs at runtime as players move through the world
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has duplicate 0000237 closedequinox NPC castles for players to raid and loot  
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