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0000248Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-08-11 11:21
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Summary0000248: Unable to cook more than 3 items

When baking various kinds of bread, it limits it to three with error "You do not have the required resources" when you do have enough.
Once one finishes, you can then add a another for 3 total.
Normal bread works ok

Steps To Reproduce

Attempt to make multiple "Soup with Bread" or "Spiced Bread" (others fail too)
I used Bread, Roots and Herbs to fill requirements for soup with bread.

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has duplicate 0000250 closedequinox You can only bake 4 items at once even if you have proper materials  



2022-04-15 07:58


cooking bug.jpg (1,271,680 bytes)


2022-04-15 10:55

reporter   #~0000156

this also happened to me when crafting in inventory. Sometimes the crating queue stops like in the picture for seemingly no reason. I was crafting timber and planks


2022-04-15 14:39

administrator   #~0000157

This happens when the internal crafting inventory is full. It's confusing for sure.


2022-04-16 04:07

reporter   #~0000163

I have the same problem, but the queue is 4 items for me.


2022-04-16 06:50

reporter   #~0000166

I noticed it is dependamt on recipe. You can queue up 4 Salads or Hodge Podges but only 3 Soups with Bread.


2022-04-16 19:53

reporter   #~0000167

I have encountered this when baking Bread with Soup. I can bake upto six of other items.

20220416153700_1.jpg (599,131 bytes)   
20220416153700_1.jpg (599,131 bytes)   


2022-04-16 20:01

administrator   #~0000168

There's definitely a follow up here. I just don't know if it's fixing the error message -- "not enough space to craft that" -- or if we should just remove the limit on the internal inventory altogether.


2022-04-17 09:23

reporter   #~0000169

When I bake a Soup with Bread, and it completes, and remove the item, I can then put another Bake with Bread into the queue. Again, no more than 3 in queue.


2022-08-11 11:21

developer   #~0000311

I would remove the limit on the crafting inventory. It was added to prevent some storage exploit but it's a problem when the recipes change, as reported here, and it prevents mods with larger recipe limits unless the mod also alters the size of crafting inventories. I don't really see the "exploit" part of it being much of a problem.

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