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0000428Medieval EngineersFeature Requestpublic2023-02-04 16:33
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Summary0000428: More interactable blocks with physics

We have the hand crank wheel which adds torque to a grid.
In a similar way a push and pull block could be introduced. This would be more immersive than the magic rope and could replace it in some places
A wheelbarrow could have a "push" handle and while the player holds the interaction button the grid is moved forward. The difference to the magic rope is that it applies a specific force (like the hand crank wheel)
Another example for the use is a battering ram or siege tower. Instead of walking against the grid to move it or pulling it with the magic rope one or more players can use "push" interactions to move it. For easy use it should also work while the player is seated.
A special variant for a battering ram could be that it applies an impulse instead of a constant force on click instead of hold.

Ideally such blocks (and the hand crank wheel) would have a strength setting like the controllable drums.

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