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0000168Medieval EngineersFeature Requestpublic2022-04-17 09:39
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Summary0000168: Sleeping!

Make character lay down in bed (interact with bed). That could potentially speed up healing process and stamina regeneration. On single player sessions this could even speed up time? (for skipping nights)

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has duplicate 0000225 closedequinox Sleeping in bed to pass time  



2022-04-08 14:31

administrator   #~0000084

There is a mod for this:
I'm not entirely opposed to working to put this in the vanilla game, but it won't happen soon.


2022-04-10 13:14

reporter   #~0000107

Again, I am not interested in mods especially when playing on a server. This is not a mod request. I'm not asking for immediate upgrade. Jesus, man.


2022-04-17 09:39

reporter   #~0000172

I use that mod.

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