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0000209Medieval EngineersEnhancementpublic2022-04-11 08:16
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Summary0000209: Allow Structural Integrity overlay in Survival

While building large castles and towers in survival is super cool and fun, the fact that we are limited to the hammer UI telling me what the stress is on each block is very limiting and often misleading.

It would be a significant help to allow the Structural Integrity overlay in survival mode to see the stress colours of all blocks.

Example video:

Steps To Reproduce

Attempt to build a tall tower cry when it falls over :)

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2022-04-11 04:00

administrator   #~0000124

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The colored overlay is not in survival by design.
If the information on the hammer is either incomplete or wrong, I'd prefer to fix that.
We could also look at some other methods of providing this information as well, such as audio feedback or visible cracks on blocks (possibly as decals).

The visual is kind of "cheaty" and immersion breaking as-is IMO.


2022-04-11 08:16

reporter   #~0000129

At present the hammer information is very difficult to understand.

For example, you can have some critical or exceeded blocks towards the base of a build and a bunch of light blocks on a certain wall and intuitively you'd think that if the block you are considering removing is displayed as 'light' and so are the ones around it, then it should be fine to remove.

But often times removing those 'light' load walls may be the straw that breaks the camels back and destroy your entire build. This is very frustrating that the design isn't informative enough for you to make educated adjustments.

gwindalmir I believe your suggestion of visual cracks would be a welcome addition as there does need to be some sort of overall visual aspect because inspecting one block at a time is unintuitive.

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