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0000513Medieval EngineersBugpublic2024-02-21 17:51
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Summary0000513: Branches of Doom

This glitch has gotten rare, but still occurs regardless. When chopping a lot of wood, as all of us Medieval Engineers do, once in a while a branch that separates from the trees as you chop them apart get stuck halfway into the ground. They then start to spaz out violently, the fly at jet speed in a random direction, if your unlucky enough to be in that direction, the branch will insta kill you, or send you to literal jesus if it hits you at the right angle.

Note: ive literally had to goto god mode when chopping trees to stop dying constantly to rogue branches trying to play Russian roulette.

Steps To Reproduce

Non modded, just chop all kinds of trees, seems to affect all branches as well, since theyre spawn is determined by the log of the tree your chopping.

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