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0000523Medieval EngineersBugpublic2024-03-05 11:24
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Summary0000523: Placing large blocks from blueprint skips the first ingredient

When placing a large grid blueprint the first ingredient is skipped. Which is only a stick in vanilla. Now there are some modded blocks which start with something expensive like the mechanical crafter with 20 Iron ingots.
By placing the crafter as blueprint and then deconstructing it, the player can generate iron.

Another example is the dirt block which only costs dirt and is thus free to build

Steps To Reproduce

Make blueprint of dirt block
place blueprint in survival without dirt in inventory
Hammer it

-> block is built without cost

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2024-03-05 11:24

reporter   #~0000420

A solution would be to only skip 1 of the first ingredient
For now peaceman is adding a stick for the start of each block

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