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0000166Medieval EngineersFeature Requestpublic2023-09-09 01:49
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Summary0000166: more animals

I would be cool to have chicken which produce eggs, pigs and cows for their resources.
Horses for traveling and pulling stuff.
You can find them in the world and either lure them with food or transport in vehicles (say have a lure block which attracts the animals, but this would be unnecessarily complicated)
You'd have to feed them or else they die, obviously.

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has duplicate 0000400 closedequinox Animals besides Deer  
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2022-04-08 07:38

reporter   #~0000083

This would seriously upgrade the survival aspect. Horses could be used as transportation and animal produce for cooking meals with really useful buffs.


2022-10-02 01:32

reporter   #~0000350

Horses would make logistics far more immersive along with farm animals that could improve food variety. also it would remove the need for logistics mods and give plays reason to build farm buildings (stable, fold, cow shed, ect)


2023-09-09 01:49

reporter   #~0000403

This is such a great idea, I would add the support myself as a mod if I understood the logic behind ME mods. Way too complicated IMO

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