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0000222Medieval EngineersFeature Requestpublic2022-04-12 16:04
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Summary0000222: Advanced Combat

ME combat is missing a few stuff that other games that have medieval or similar eras combat have:
Stabbing: A piercing forward attack
Parry: An attack after a defense. In order to not make this easy, this should only count after a non hold defense, for example, raising your shield on a single click, then attacking
Cancel/Faint: Acting like you are going to do a kind of an attack, then not doing it. The thing is that an attack could be linked here.

Also, I dont know if this already in game, but certain weapons should hurt more depending on where they hit, for example, a mace bonking you in the head will nearly crush your skull, while a mace stabbing will be less hurty than a sword.

Adding stabbing could open a new range of weapons, like spears and halberds.

If for whatever reason, horses are also added, spear-like weapons could also be couched in horses, in order to create jousting tournaments

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2022-04-12 04:08

reporter   #~0000144

Cancel/Faint is already possible by interrupting an attack with defense (just how you do it in M&B Warband). Yes, it's a bit clunky, but possible.

That being said, M&B Warband fighting system would be probably the most ideal for this kind of game (getting rid of focus on enemy, parry and direction of attack based on absolute mouse movement, not cursor position against locked opponent, 4th, bottom direction of attack, being thrust), but probably too much work to even consider it.


2022-04-12 14:27

reporter   #~0000146

ranged weapons like bow and crossbow

armor: chain (no arrow protection but good against swords and light), and metal armor (slows you down but is good against both arrows and swords)

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