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0000350Medieval EngineersBugpublic2023-07-16 22:16
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Summary0000350: On SP Advanced Beekeeping conflicting with Mechanical Mining Drill same on DS Causes crash on SP non functional no crash DS

Currently my Server ME World Vikings US the Mod Advanced Beekeeping not working quest is there works until you attempt to place hive it clicks has green frame but does not appear. All related items to the mod can be created in MM mode It was recommended to me to test in SP game I added only the advanced beekeeping mod to the SP game and mod worked fine I began adding mods from my servers mod list 1 at a time When I added the mod Mechanical Mining Drill and attempted to place a bee hive (it had green frame) the SP game crashed On the server it does not crash but it does not place . I removed the mechanical Mining Drill mod and Bee keeping worked normally again. In my SP test I placed a hive and added bee to it (before I added the mining drill mod ) when mining drill mod is added all placed hives vanish and game crashes on attempted placement . i went back removed all previously added mod and started again with only the beekeeping mod . All worked normally. With only the advanced beekeeping mod and the mechanical mining drill mod installed restarted game hives I had placed had vanished and game crashed on placement of a hive from inventory, In the above mentioned server previous world with 105 mods the advanced bee keeping worked fine but the world did not have the mechanical mining drill mod On the CE release I created a new server world and added the same mod list to start but then added a number of others and now have 156 mods my testing showed that when the mechanical mining drill was added advanced beekeeping stopped working in SP it crashes in Server is simply will not allow placement of the beehive Removing the mechanical mining drill from server at this time would be a disaster so I cannot test in this way on the operating server it would be possible to test on seperate system on the DS using a game backup file I am attaching the log file showing the fatal exception that happens in SP game when placing the hive with the mining drill mod . The log shows additional dependency mods as well but I am including a screenshot of the mod add screen of the test game

Steps To Reproduce

In single player simply start a basic no mod game add the advanced bee keeping (the mod will work totally normally) and then add the Mechanical Mining Drill restart game Placed hives gone Place a hive from inventory and game will crash I have not yet tried to reproduce on the DS as it is in operation but I can if needed as I can run the Current DS world on a separate system and test bt removing the mining drill mod to see if beekeeping then works as it did before the mining drill mod (and others) were added

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Mod list screen.jpg (858,788 bytes)   


2023-07-16 22:16

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