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0000472Medieval EngineersBugpublic2023-04-13 14:31
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Summary0000472: Interactive audio FX cutouts

Interacting with small and large blocks as well as floating small blocks (collision audio FX) randomly drops the corresponding audio effect. For example, closing / opening a door is silent, closing / opening a chest is silent, pushing a cart over soil. running / walking on stone blocks (foot-fall effect), running / walking on dirt, to name the most memorable drop outs. I've only tested this in DS, but reproduced in 0.7.2 and 0.7.3 with and without mods (all mods removed) on both server instances.

Again the dropouts are random, so running for 20 seconds on dirt, is stomp... .. ... . . . . stomp . . . . . .. stomp . .. . . .. . stomp, for example.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Remove all mods from server instance.
  • Use a world with many blocks in a large grid (1 grid with at least 7400 blocks where this bug can be discerned).

The session starts fine with all interactive effects playing - no dropouts (even with some torches already on). Then as I turn on (more) torches, dropouts begin to occur. The more torches I illuminate the more dropouts occur.

I also play with Automated Torches mod. At sunrise when all the torches automatically turnoff, all the interactive sound effects return. Alternatively, If I play from before sunset to sunrise (2 hrs IRL), the interactive sound effects slowly return to a point of no dropouts within about an hour IRL. In that case, there's no change when passing through sunrise.

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2023-04-13 14:31

reporter   #~0000382

When playing with the Automated Torches and sunset occurs, many torches suddenly illuminate and nearly all the interactive audio FX goes silent - most interactions all become silent.

The requirement for many blocks in a large grid may not necessarily be required.

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