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0000517Medieval EngineersBugpublic2024-02-21 18:38
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Summary0000517: Derp Walk ^>

When in third person mode walking forward and right at the same time, character looks to be running forward left, does not impact performance or functions, is more a visual bug, but a bug nonetheless.

Note: but alludes to Witchcraft, BURN THE WITCH! Or bug in this case.

Steps To Reproduce

Non Modded, just goto third person and walk forward right diagonally. The Bug will present itself immediately.

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2024-02-21 18:38

reporter   #~0000418

facepalm a note to add is it occurs when you have either a Pickaxe, axe or hammer of any kind, could potentially happen with shields as well, I will test when I unlock that, doesn't do it with swords, I theorize shield might be safe.

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