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0000245Medieval EngineersBugpublic2022-04-28 20:52
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Summary0000245: Death on continue

I just did a continue game (glad I had the recording software ready) I had saved and left my character on the 1st floor in a room, when I came back on ~1 - 2 hours ago my character wasn't showing anything on the hot bar, so I started recording at that moment. Soon as I tried to move my character, he died on the spot, when I got to my body the head was on the first floor and the body from the neck down was hanging through the ceiling. (Ouch)

Steps To Reproduce

Create a wooden house with multiple levels, go into an upstairs bedroom where there is nothing below you, save and exit the game. Hit continue and your character has his head above the floor and the rest below it, soon as you move, you die.

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duplicate of 0000231 new Game sometimes resets player height on load  



2022-04-15 05:19



2022-04-28 20:52

administrator   #~0000230

Closing as a duplicate of 0000231 because this also depends on the precision of the CorrectSpawnPosition code

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