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0000375Medieval EngineersEnhancementpublic2023-02-04 16:11
ReporterSicH Assigned Toequinox  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version0.7.3.968CF8 
Fixed in Version0.7.4 (unreleased) 
Summary0000375: Improve voxel LOD loading distance or/and voxel loading time?

Common issue for industrial folks. As you accelerate your vehicle to velocity that is more than ~60 km/h, the LOD of the voxels can't load properly while you move. In other words, you will drive straight through/under voxel surface visually, while your rail/road is completely hidden from view. This issue didn't appear before CE btw, so...

Steps To Reproduce

Fly in creative with velocity that is higher than 60 km/h



duplicate of 0000254 resolvedequinox Improve grass model generation performance  



2022-08-13 12:28

administrator   #~0000312

Have you tried turning off grass? Grass model generation is one of the things that voxel loading commonly gets stuck on, especially if you're running with dense grass.


2022-08-14 05:50

reporter   #~0000313

I brought a 3060 not for turning off the grass...


2022-08-14 12:41

administrator   #~0000314

I'm asking you because 0000254 fixes an issue where a lot of time is spent computing grass, and if your issue goes away when grass is turned off then this ticket is a duplicate.


2023-02-04 16:11

administrator   #~0000370

Going to close as a duplicate of 0000254.

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