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Summary0000414: Dirt Road Path Creation.

In version v 0.6 placing any block to the voxel surface would permanently change the surface texture to 'dirt road' thus allowing the best looking footpaths in the game. All the player needed to do was place a block accordingly then remove said block. The process was repeated as necessary to manufacture a nice looking footpath. Players could also seamlessly connect created footpaths to the existing road system offered within the world. Version 0.7 does the same thing - but it limits the instances of "dirt road' conversion of the voxel textures - I.E. - there is a capped number of voxel textures allowed to remain as 'dirt road'. Beyond capped number of 'dirt road' voxels textures revert back to their default texture. While this makes decent looking footpaths vanish it also occurs under wooden foundation cubes, allowing the reverted ground to sprout grasses and weeds up through plank floors making is very unsightly. A modder did create a tool for just such this purpose (creating endless 'dirt road' textures) and the tool was carried over to v 0.7 (the mattock). This tool still works but created dirt road voxel textures are limited so as to make the effort pointless. Making the dirt road creation texture unlimited would resolve this issue and make the in survival in game creations far more esthetically pleasing. I have been using the hand plow tool to make my own footpaths but they just look like rivers of mud.

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related to 0000446 new Terrain damage regenerates in unloaded chunks  



2022-10-18 07:27

reporter   #~0000352

I should note this applies to survival. I do not use the creative mode as a rule.


2023-02-04 16:08

administrator   #~0000369

There's not a specific limit to how many dirt voxels exist, however there is a system that causes damaged voxels to regrow to their un-damaged state if they wouldn't still be damaged by grids.
However there's a bug (0000446) where voxels that exist under grids can still regrow due to the grids being unloaded.

That said it is true that damaged voxels can regrow if the grid doesn't remain there. This is intentional behavior, and if you want to make roads you need to change to a voxel that isn't generated by terrain damage. For example, plowed soil using the plow, which is the usual approach to this.

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